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Carlos Felipe Pardo

Carlos Felipe Pardo is a Colombian psychologist (Universidad Javeriana, Colombia).

*He has provided technical advice on urban transport to municipalities in various cities of Latin America, Asia and Africa. He is currently the Executive Director of in Colombia.






Bram van Oijen

Bram van Oijen is a transportation consultant. He is currently Programme Manager - Non-Motorised Transport and Parking at the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) in Guangzhou, China. Some of the work projects Bram has been involved in include Greenway Planning and Design in Guangzhou.








Ria Hilhorst

Ria Hilhorst MSc, is a consultant on planning and cycling policy. She is currently working for the City of Amsterdam as policy advisor on cycling and other traffic subjects. Some of her primary work projects include developing long term bicycle policy for the City of Amsterdam











Anvita Arora

Dr. Anvita Arora is an Urban Transport Planner. She is currently Managing Director and CEO of Innovative Transport Solutions (iTrans) Pvt. Ltd. She is a certified trainer in non-motorised inclusive planning and has ongoing projects to integrate BRT and NMT systems in large cities.










Gil Peñalosa

Gil (Guillermo) Peñalosa is currently Executive Director, 8-80 Cities, an NGO based in Toronto, Canada. His past jobs include Commissioner of Parks, Sports and Recreation in Bogota, Colombia. He serves on the Board of Directors of City Parks Alliance, is a Senior Advisor to StreetFilms in NYC, American Trails, Casas GEO Mexico, and America Walks.







Tanja Ballhorn Provstgaard

Tanja Ballhorn Provstgaard is a Traffic Planner and has a Master’s Degree in Political Communication. Tanja is currently a Project Manager and traffic planner working with policy, strategies, and traffic planning for the City of Copenhagen. She has recently been the Project Manager on the innovation project Citylogistics.








Fábio Duarte

Fábio Duarte is professor on the Graduate Programme in Urban Management at the

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, in Curitiba, Brazil and has been visiting scholar

at Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña, and Massachusttes Institute of Technology. He is

member of the Municipal Transportation Council of Curitiba.







Lars Gemzøe

Lars Gemzøe is an Architect, M.A.A. He has held posts at senior lecturer level including at the Center for Public Space Research, Danish Institute for Study Abroad and at the University of Copenhagen. He has been a senior consultant and associate partner in Gehl Architects APS, Copenhagen, since 2001.









Philip Insall

Philip Insall has been with Sustrans since 1990, and in that time has established a number

of organisational programmes and functions, including directing the programme of public health policy and partnership work. He currently sits on the Board of the Physical Activity Alliance and on the DH Responsibility Deal.






Niels Jensen

Niels Jensen was originally educated as a landscape architect. He is now a senior traffic planner working with cycling policy, strategies, and planning in the Cycle Secretariat of the Traffic Department of Copenhagen. He was the co-founder of the “Bicycle Account” and is

involved in realising the Cycle Track Priority Plan and the Green Cycle Route Plan.










Virginio A. Moreno López

Virginio A. Moreno López is a Roads, Channels and Ports Engineer. He is currently employed as Project Manager in Urban Management, City Hall Seville. He has had professional experience in land management projects, urban development planning, planning and management of urban engineering assignments and projects.






Tony Russell

Tony Russell has an MA in Engineering and an MSc in Transport Studies. He is currently Transport Engineering Manager at Sustrans, Bristol. Over the past 15 years, Tony has gained extensive experience of infrastructure design for cyclists and pedestrians in the UK and abroad and is regarded as one of the leading experts in this field.








Anne Eriksson

Ms Anne Eriksson has an MSc in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and is a Certified Danish Road Safety Auditor. She is currently a traffic safety engineer at the City of Copenhagen, Department of Traffic, specialising in safety for vulnerable road users. Anne has vast experience in traffic safety and planning in Denmark and abroad.







Pau Avellaneda

Pau Avellaneda is a professor and researcher in the Department of Geography of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He has worked on many research and consultancy projects, among them, “Safe Routes to School” in Barcelona and other municipalities of its metropolitan area. Currently, he is launching a research line about implicit risks of mobility together with other researchers.








Esther Anaya

Esther Anaya is a bicycle mobility consultant and researcher. She has been doing research about public bicycles, cycling mobility history in Spain and bicycle mobility integration in schools. She is currently working on a project to introduce bicycle mobility in Catalonian schools.










Alexandre Fremiot

Alexandre Fremiot is an engineer specializing in urban studies. He is currently Head of Mobility Agency, City of Paris as well as being visiting professor in Marne-la-Vallée and Orléans universities. Among his primary work are Urban Study of the Parisian Greenbelt, City of Paris, 2005, and Les Halles Redevelopment Project in Paris, City of Paris, 2008-2011.








Jeppe Mikél Jensen

Jeppe Mikél Jensen is a Social Geographer and Communication Consultant. He is currently working as a sustainability and mobility consultant for the Union of the Baltic Cities Commission on Environment (Turku, Finland). From 2010-2012 he worked as a non-motorised transportation consultant and Coordinator of the Global Energy Network for Human Settlements, Nairobi, Kenya.








Roger S. Geller

Roger S. Geller has an M.A. in Urban and Environmental Policy from Tufts University 1990. Since 2000, he has been working as a Bicycle Coordinator in Portland, Oregon. As project manager, he has delivered or supervised many miles of bikeways and innovative designs as well as helping to implement and design the majority of Portland’s existing bikeways.







Tom Godefrooij

Tom Godefrooij studied architecture at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Through his work, he has developed into a sustainable urban transport expert. He started his career in the transport profession at the Dutch Cyclists’ Union, dealing with virtually all aspects of cycling. He is now working as senior policy adviser at the Dutch Cycling Embassy.








Jeff Olson

Jeff Olson is an architect and planner with a M.A. in Public Policy, who has had a diverse career and been

involved in greenways, open space, and active mobility projects for more than 25 years. He is currently working as Principal, Alta Planning + Design and Faculty, State University of New York, Albany. Among his major projects is the NACTO Urban Design Guide. He has authored The Third Mode: Towards a Green Society.







Lake Sagaris

Lake Sagaris is a writer, bilingual editor and urban planner. She is currently Urban Advisor, Living City, Santiago, Chile and lead researcher for knowledge mobilisation, Toronto Cycling Think (and Do) Tank. She continues to consult and work closely with grassroots community groups and organizations in Chile and elsewhere.








Burkhard Stork

Burkhard Stork is a theology graduate who is currently Federal Managing Director, ADFC, Germany. From 2004 to 2011 he worked as head of the German Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis Association’s (DCCV e. V.)federal office in Berlin. He has had his present post since December 2011 and is based in Bremen and Berlin.








Till Kolja Oppel

Till Kolja Oppel is a sports engineer by profession. He has worked at the German Cyclists’ Federation (ADFC e.V) as a technology and consumer protection consultant.









Carlos Romero Sánchez

Carlos Romero Sánchez has a Degree in Architectural Engineering. He currently holds the position of Director of Non-Motorised Mobility in OCOIT Jalisco, is a consultant in urban planning and mobility and a professor of urbanism at UNIVA. He was a director of the Centre for Sustainable Transport CTS Mexico for the manual: Urban Development Facing Sustainable Transport.





Mikael Colville-Andersen

Mikael Colville-Andersen is an urban mobility expert. He is currently CEO – Copenhagenize Consulting. His projects include Kickstand Sessions – Bicycle Policy Training Sessions (worldwide), Effective Cycling Promotion (research project), Bicycle Innovation Lab – Cultural Centre for Cycling (Copenhagen) and consultancy for various cities. He has published Cycle Chic.






Jessica Tantaleán Noriega

Jessica Tantaleán Noriega is an environmental engineer. She is co-founder and promoter of the “Latin American Association for Sustainable Urban Mobility” and former member of the “Association for the Promotion of Public Transport”(Barcelona, Spain). Her last position was Manager of Special Project Metropolitan of Transport Non-Motorised, Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peru.








Mai-Britt Kristensen

Mai-Britt Kristensen is currently a Project Manager with the Danish Cyclists’ Federation. She works primarily on projects related to children and cycling such as the development of a mobile bicycle playground. She is involved in the international work of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation and the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, where work is done to export Danish bicycle knowhow.






Loa Bendix

Loa Bendix has been Head of Campaigns at the Danish Cyclists’ Federation. She has been with the Danish Cyclists’ Federation from 2009 - 2013. She was responsible for the four national cycle campaigns: Bike to Work, Bike to School, Get your Lights On and Great Bicycle Day.