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Many cities round the world want to develop a cycle culture which will increase the mobility

of the citizens and reduce private car traffic in cities.


Developing a cycle culture is an essential part of sustainable mobility. In the articles in

the book, you will be able to read how increased cycling is improving urban life, the urban

environment and the health of the citizens. You will also have the opportunity to read about

how cycling has a development potential for cities in reducing poverty, developing

democracy and increasing both gender equality and growth through increased mobility.


The book provides a collection of good practices from around the world in order to inspire

cities either to get started, to reinvent or to develop their cycle culture and infrastructure

further. The aim is to contribute to the creation of liveable and bikeable cities throughout

the world.


It can be a challenge for those cities that want to promote cycling to define the strategy

that best serves the local conditions in the light of the social, economic, cultural and

political conditions. The book is intended to serve as a source of inspiration.


The book contains 25 articles written by experts for example, local planners, active

cycle advocates and researchers. It is divided into seven chapters on policies and topics

important for increasing cycling in cities. More