3. Cycle Infrastructure

3. Cycle Infrastructure


This chapter contains three articles dealing with various aspects of cycle infrastructure.

They describe in detail various experiences of the planning process, the forming of a cycle infrastructure and the significance of citizen involvement in the planning. There are no universal solutions but this chapter can serve as an inspiration as to how to promote cycling by creating safe and attractive facilities for cyclists, both in cities that are just about to take the first steps as well as those which already have a long tradition for cycle infrastructure behind them. More


Planning a Cycling Infrastructure – Copenhagen - city of cyclists

Niels Jensen, planner Cycle Secretariat, City of Copenhagen, Denmark. More


The First Step in Developing a Cycle Infrastructure - The choice of Seville by bike

Virginio Moreno, Planning Department, Head of Projects and Works, City of Seville, Spain. More


Cycle Route Networks – Sustrans creates popular routes through public involvement

Tony Russell, Sustrans, England. More




Photo: Mikael Colville-Andersen