5. Bicycles

5. Bicycles


This chapter contains two articles about special bicycles that are now on the increase as a means of urban transport, public self-service bikes and cargo bikes. The first article covers experiences with the development of a bike share system in Paris with its accompanying challenges and the decisive influence it has had on the very large increase in the number of cyclists. The other article explores the use of the cargo bike in widely different societies and shows how many different criteria determine peoples’ choice of transport and underlines the fact that cargo bikes will play an important role in urban mobility in the future. More


Public Bike Share System - A key to urban mobility

Alexandre Fremiot, City of Paris, Head of Mobility Agency Paris, France. More



Choosing the Cargo Bike – Experiences from Kisumu and Copenhagen

Jeppe Mikél Jensen, Communication and Network Manager at Union of the Baltic Cities Commission on Environment. More




Photo: Mikael Colville-Andersen