1. Cycle Culture

1. Cycle Culture


This chapter covers various stages in the development of an urban cycling culture around the world. You can read four examples of good practice, written to inspire cities which are keen to start, revive or develop further a cycle culture or cities which have the potential to use the bike as a way out of poverty and as a means towards gender equality. More


How to Get Started – Ten rules that have increased cycling in Bogotá and other cities

Carlos Felipe Pardo, Bogotá, Columbia (Mesa de la Bicicleta). More


Revitalisation of a Cycle Culture – Biking again in Guangzhou

Bram van Ooijen, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), Guangzhou, China. More


Further Development of Cycle Culture – Amsterdam continues to pave the way for cyclists

Ria Hilhorst – City of Amsterdam, Department of Traffic, Transport and Infrastructure, The Netherlands. More


Socio-economic Impact of the Cycle – A gendered social perspective of cycling in India

Dr. Anvita Arora, Managing Director and CEO of Innovative Transport Solutions (iTrans). More




Photo: Mikael Colville-Andersen