6. Cycling Policy

6. Cycling Policy


This chapter contains three articles dealing with cycling policy and design that can be of great inspiration for other cities. One article is a general strategy to promote urban cycling through a conscious development of a cycling infrastructure with the recommendation to build upon the strengths of each individual city. The second article describes a multi-modal policy for the coordinated use of bikes and public transport, which can meet the needs for travelling from door to door in urban areas. The third article covers the process of developing an Urban Bikeway Design Guide, which shows how political will and desire can be allied to modern innovative dynamism, and how international cooperation can promote best practices in cities around the world. More


Bicycle Strategy – The Portland experience

Roger Geller, Bicycle Coordinator, Portland, Oregon, USA. More


Multi Modal Transport Policy – The example of the Dutch “bicycle and train” system

Tom Godefrooij, Dutch Cycling Embassy, Holland. More


The NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide – Turning innovation into action in U.S. cities

Jeff Olson, R.A. – Principal, Alta Planning + Design, USA. More




Photo: Mikael Colville-Andersen