Cycle Training for Children

Cycle Training for Children – Take a child’s perspective and make it fun!


Mai-Britt Kristensen and Loa Bendix, Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Denmark


Extracts from article:


When people from abroad visit Denmark, they are often amazed by our bicycle culture. ‘How come you cycle so much?’ they ask. The short answer is: we start early…..


Cycle training through play

Children learn through movement and play. Likewise, games provide a most enjoyable and effective form of cycle training. Over the last four years, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation

has developed a concept known as ‘Cycling games,’ which consists of a list of well-known

children’s games, such as ‘Tag’ and ‘Follow the Leader,’ which have been converted into

cycling games for children from 2-12 years……


The Bicycle Games project is under continuous development. It started with the publication of the booklet ‘20 Cykellege’ (20 Cycling Games eds.), and was followed by

the establishment of a team of instructors with special knowledge of how to initiate

fun cycling games……


In 2011, the cycling game known as ‘Obstacle Course’ was taken to a new level. A mobile

bicycle playground was developed consisting of various challenges such as bumps,

seesaw, and much more. Here, the children can play more freely than during the more

organized cycling games…..


The less we adults are there to interfere, the more the children play, and the more they develop their games in completely unexpected directions, all the while becoming more secure cyclists – perhaps even more secure

than their parents.
















Photo: Danish Cyclists’ Federation


Children down to two years of age can

start practising on a training bike. You will

be amazed at what they can do, and how

quickly they learn.
















Photo: Danish Cyclists’ Federation


Children getting ‘cyclewise’ on the Danish

Cyclists’ Federation’s bicycle playground.

A more low-key one can be put together

with a box of coloured chalk, pins, and

your imagination.