How to get started

How to Get Started - Ten rules that have

increased cycling in Bogotá and other cities


By Carlos Felipe Pardo, Bogotá, Colombia (Mesa de la Bicicleta)


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Getting started in moving forward a bicycle-related policy in a city is a difficult but

fulfilling challenge – it implies a lot of work and takes considerable time. I will describe my

experience in taking part in various activities and groups that promote bicycle policies

in Bogotá and other cities where I have worked. .....


This article relates to very specific issues that will kickstart discussions

and get the agenda moving....


Work together

The experience of Bogotá is particularly useful in that, despite having various advocacy

and technical groups promoting bicycle policies, there have been no strong arguments

between them nor any significant conflicts or false leadership – the same cannot be said

of other cities where, despite having a strong advocacy culture, bicycle policy promotion

has not been particularly effective due to group clashes…..


The key to arriving at this common understanding of working together despite differences

was the common agreement in 2008 that, regardless of the intricacies of each group’s

interests and working strategies, all would agree on one thing: to promote policies that

included the bicycle in a favourable manner, and to respect each other. …..


















Photo: Bogotá Chamber of Commerce



Have fun while promoting cycling

Having fun while promoting cycling is something that is not so difficult to do, but I want

to repeat that idea since there are times when promoting cycling is frustrating or difficult.

However, it is always good to get on a bicycle and go for a ride…...
















Photo: Carlos Felipe Pardo